Grammar without Grammar

His curriculum is unique because it focuses on grammar without having students to memorize grammatical rules. The key is to use sentences in a context that is relatable to students. Knowing the definition of tenses like past continuous tense and present perfect tense, for example, is less important that actually using the correct tense in writing letters or having a conversation. Students will be given opportunities to speak, listen, and write in class. Parents will be able to see their children’s progress as they gain more confidence and understanding of how to communicate in English.

Make It Personal

It’s critical that students are engaged with the subject. If students are not interested in the subject matter, there will be no motivation to learn. The goal is to raise students’ interest in reading English books on their own because reading is one of the best ways for students to improve their basic English skills. Students will be encouraged to talk about anything that they like, from comic books, sports, to music. 
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